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DEEP CLEANING YOUR HOME FOR SALE. blind cleaning in kelowna.

Updated: Jan 28

The real estate market has been booming in the Okanagan for several years now, with a surge in property sales peaking in 2021. For a while, buyers were struggling to find inventory which led to bidding wars, blind sales and soaring property values.

The trend, however, is now noticeably slowing, and although sellers are still able to close on higher prices, the decreasing demand is creating competition that wasn’t present this time last year. In order for sellers to warrant higher prices it is necessary for them to step up their game. This means that sellers are taking more time to assess value, evaluate their options, and pay attention to the details.

Decluttering and cleaning a home for sale seems intuitive to secure interest, but does deep cleaning really make a difference? According to an online survey of 303 real estate professionals conducted by Consumer Reports, deep cleaning can deliver a 3-5% return on your investment. Buying agents surveyed in the 2021 Profile of Home Staging published by the National Association of Realtors stated that effective cleaning and staging allows buyers to visualize a property as their future home, significantly enhancing the prospect of a sale.

Many agents and individual home sellers invest in cleaning before putting their home on the market, but often neglect details that make an impact on a buyer’s interest. Sometimes sellers will go to great lengths to clean carpets but forget the baseboards, or wash windows but ignore window coverings. Moreover, buyers are generally eager to avoid inheriting projects that will need to be completed once they move in in order to feel at home.

When deep cleaning a home for resale, these areas are often overlooked, but can make a significant impact:

1. Ceiling fans and light fixtures – Ceiling fans and fixtures can seem daunting to tackle, but nothing turns out a buyer more than dead bugs and greasy film. For tough to clean materials like kitchen pendants and exhaust fans, professional ultrasonic cleaning can quickly degrease and sanitize tough to clean surfaces, and cleaning technicians can take the stress out of removal and installation after a deep clean.

2. Baseboards and woodwork – Dusting baseboards can be done with a microfiber or feather duster but taking the time to clean wood surfaces with a polish will significantly increase their lustre, and antibacterial cleaners can sanitize frequently neglected surfaces.

3. Walls – When cleaning walls, first remove all artwork, décor and nails, patching up any holes in the drywall and dusting the surface before repainting. If you do not plan to paint or wallpaper/cover the surface, removing scuffmarks with a Magic Eraser can make a world of difference to the overall impression of your walls.

4. Windows and windows coverings/blindsWindows are often the most under-estimated detail when preparing your home for sale. According to Money Magazine’s survey of real estate agents, professional window and blind cleaning can yield of up to 768% return on investment. Not only do sparkling windows enhance curb appeal, but they draw significant attention during viewings within the home, letting in the light and acting as a lens to the world outside. Natural light makes a space brighter and more inviting, and clean blinds drastically increase perceived value. If you are looking for blind cleaning in Kelowna or Penticton, give PULSE a call for a free estimate.

Don’t give potential buyers leverage to negotiate a lower price. Pay attention to the details and you will reap the rewards in the selling process.

Pulse Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit. Blind Cleaning in Kelowna
Pulse Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Unit



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