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blind cleaning



Blinds are notorious for attracting filth. They  are breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens. Ultrasonic technology is perfectly designed to gently and effectively deep clean any blind.

Pulse offers both Ultrasonic bath and portable Injection extraction service. This enables us to deep clean even the most delicate shade as well as service custom, oversized or permanently installed window coverings. 

Up until recently, dusting and wiping window blinds has been the industry standard in commercial blind cleaning.

Institutions that require their public areas to be free of allergens and bacteria specifically request ultra sonic cleaning when addressing dirty window blinds.


Schools, hospitals, medical offices and restaurants are all looking to provide a more sterile environment for their visitors. 

Ultrasonics have the ability to remove 99.9% of contaminants while leaving nothing behind. It is the most efficient way to clean where we can't see.


Our mobile ultrasonic cleaning systems provide industry leading ultrasonic cleaning service on site and make month end move in/outs a breeze for our property managers. No more waiting for blinds to be returned at a later time.

Contact us today and ask how we can help you save on replacement costs all while providing a clean, safe environment in your home or facility.

blind installation at a restaurant in kelowna


Dining room window coverings can hold months of grease and grime. Book a demo with PULSE and let us show you what colour your shades used to be!

blind installation at an Office in downtown Penticton


Large HVAC systems along with temperature changes constantly transport dust and allergens throughout the building. Dust always finds its way to window blinds. Only to wait for someone to dust the blinds and start the cycle all over again. 

At Pulse, we offer ultrasonic cleaning and injection extraction services for our clients. Our mobile units are equipped with hot water, power, and high-velocity drying systems to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. We specialize in cleaning motorized, specialty shades with fine fabrics, and use only biodegradable cleaning agents. With the ability to remove, clean, dry, and rehang up to 10 blinds per hour, we’re the top choice for mobile blind cleaning from Kelowna to Penticton.

As certified professionals, the team at Pulse Blind Worx has undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure that we are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We understand the intricacies of upholstery fiber categories and can expertly classify them to provide a customized cleaning approach for each type of fabric. Our thorough understanding of the cleaning chemistry and methods, as well as potential problems, enables us to deliver superior results every time. 

Certification and Training:

We believe safety and knowledge on the job is paramount. While our business is in blinds, we know that our technicians are out on the road with towing equipment in all weather conditions. We work with on board mechanical systems that can produce hazardous conditions if the operator is untrained. We also understand that just because a person has a driver's license, that doesn't mean they know how to safely pull a trailer on the road.


Our technicians can encounter hazards such as loud noise exposure from our ultrasonic systems, slip trip and fall hazards from wet slippery surfaces, pinch points from trailer connections or even struck by hazards from traffic. Task specific personal protective equipment is mandatory at Pulse and it must be outlined in the job specific filed level hazard assessment completed before each on site cleaning project.


Our technicians are trained to identify and eliminate potential hazards as well as help in the event of an emergency. All of our drivers are certified in defensive driving and posses a class 1 driver's license or heavy trailer endorsement. First aid and cpr training is also mandatory for all of our technicians. 

Hazard reporting and incident investigation is part of our comprehensive health and safety program. We believe reporting and documenting potential risks helps us learn and grow

work safe bc certification logo
Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Certification logo
first aid certification logo. All of our staff is trained in first aid
blind cleaning certification logo. fabric care
downtown kelowna blind cleaning


Dirty or damaged? Tight timeline? No sweat! PULSE can have your blinds cleaned and rehung on site before the other guys can even get started back to their shop.

Penticton Hotel Blind Cleaning Service


How many guests stay in a room each year? What do you think is living on your property's blinds? PULSE can systematically renew every blind in your hotel and help you save on your current, obsolete labour costs. 

commercial blind cleaning in penticton


Tell us about your facility's current cleaning program? Do your cleaners spend hours performing counter productive dusting and wiping on your window coverings? Let PULSE show you how to get your blinds clean and keep them clean with ultrasonic technology.

blind cleaning in the mission kelowna


Does your rental agreement require you to have the window coverings professionally cleaned? PULSE can help. Maybe you just purchased a new condo and the accompanying shades have never been cleaned. We can help with that too.

residential blind cleaning in Peachland


From five windows to fifty, our mobile units are able to service homes as large as 5000 sqft in one day.

Our delicate and effective cleaning processes enable us to clean fine, luxury fabric shades as well as hard surface blinds.

large community blind cleaning in West Kelowna

gated communities

Gated communities are known for their beautiful landscaping, water features and well groomed residences. They are also known for the pride of ownership residents show.

PULSE works with many communities in keeping up what they value.

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