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Motorized Exterior screens


The Magnatrack Difference

The Magnatrack Difference
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The Magnatrack Difference

The Magnatrack Difference

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Magnatrack at NRA Chicago. Exterior Screens Kelowna

Magnatrack at NRA Chicago. Exterior Screens Kelowna

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​The #1 motorized exterior shade in the world! Now in Canada by Fraser Shading Systems

With its innovative, patented floating tension design, MagnaTrack eliminates 98% of service calls associated with exterior zipper and stand alone systems
Highest Quality – Guaranteed Performance.

​We are called to service exterior zipper track shades extremely frequently and we can tell you that the Magnatrack system is state of the art. Zipper track systems are not even in the same ballpark or even game as fixed track zipper systems.

Does your outdoor dining space close in the fall? would you like to run all year? Maybe you've tried to enclose your space using exterior zipper products and are now regretting it. Magnatrack blocks the elements and will actually increase the temperature in your outdoor space. 

​Here in the Okanagan we can receive winds up to 85km/hr some days in any season. traditional zipper track systems fail immediately when put through this kind of test. Once the zipper is pulled out of the track, the zipper is finished. The zipper can be placed back in the track but the edges are now stripped and it will pull out easier, again and again. Magnatrack's patented floating magnet tension system can handle 120km winds and maintain its integrity. the screen will absorb the tension and return to its original state without stretching. 

Fabric and Motor Options

There are dozens of fabric options whether you are looking for transparency, privacy, solar heat protection or retention. Fabrics come in a plethora of colours to choose from.


In addition, the Magnatrack exterior screen systems offer the option to equip your screen with Gaposa motors, set with:

Downwards sensitive obstacle detection

• 3 attempts to identify the physical obstacle before stopping

• Smart reaction to gusts of wind: stop/reverse and downwards again

• Overload protection upwards

• Soft touch and slight release at the up limit position

• Continuous fabric length compensation

• 3 setting modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual • Self-learning limit positions when set in automatic mode.

Magnatrack exterior shade installation. The number one motorized exterior shade in the world now manufactured in canada innovative patented floating tension design magnatrack eliminates 98% of service calls associated with exterior zipper and stand alone systems highest quality guaranteed
Magnatrack exterior shade installation guaranteed up to 120km wind speeds. virtually indestructable sidetrack rails stainless steel fasteners equals no rust triple obstacle detection for ultra safe operation. magnatrack screen fabrics reduce solar penetration and hvac cost

For the ultimate solution in exterior shade protection, choose Magnatrack exterior screens.


Magnatrack screens not only provide superior protection from the sun and retain heat, but they also enhance the curb appeal of your home or business. With its custom design options and high-quality construction, Magnatrack is the clear choice for all your exterior shade needs.


To learn about the Magnatrack difference, call Pulse for a no fee presentation and estimate.


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