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  • How does your blind cleaning pricing work?
    Our pricing is based on diagonal measurements of your blind at $6-8 per foot. With the blind extended down fully, we measure from top left to bottom right. Vinyl - $6 Aluminum - $7 Fabric - $7 Wood - $8 For vertical blinds, we charge $3/slat. Valances are included Minimum charges apply for mobile units.
  • How long will it take to clean or service my blinds?
    Since we offer mobile/on site service, we are usually in and out of your hair in a couple hours. If we are visiting you for a repair, we aim to be leaving within an hour. No more living a day or two without privacy with those pick up drop off companies.
  • Do you use dirty chemicals?
    Absolutely not! Thats the beauty of ultrasonics. We use Citro-Pulse, our own mild degreaser/deodorizer, which is 100% water soluable and biodegradeable. The ultrasonic power does the hard work.
  • Can you remove UV damage/yellowing?
    We really wish we knew a way to restore this problem. However, the yellowing caused by UV damage is not a stain. The sun has actually altered your shade permanently. More than likely if you have this damage, your shade is brittle and needs to be replaced.
  • What if I have less than six blinds to clean? Do you still offer mobile service?
    We are happy to offer mobile service for any amount of blinds. However, we do have minimum charges for our mobile units to visit your home or business. If you would like to avoid this, you are welcome to bring your blinds to us by appointment. There is no minimum charge for repairs.
  • Do you clean specialty fabric shades?
    We sure do. We have multiple injection/extraction machines to service all makes and models. Honeycombs, Pirouettes, silhouettes, sheers, romans etc... We've got you covered.
  • Do you do blind repairs or alterations?
    Absolutely. Our technicians are trained in the repair and alteration of all makes and models. We stock hundreds of parts to service common brands. If we don't happen to have the part needed for your repair, we can order it from one of our suppliers. Please note that in some cases, blinds can be irreparable due to certain damages or discontinuations.
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