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The No. 1 Factor in a 5-Star Vacation Rental Rating - Cleanliness. Vacation Rental Cleaning in kelowna/penticton

Updated: Feb 7

Summer is a time for travel, and with the revival of tourism, competition for vacation rentals is at an ultimate high. Consumers are eager to explore again, and hosts are hungry for the business. Make your vacation rental cleaning a top priority.

The market is primed for profitable opportunities in the vacation rental sphere. And as with any business, most rental owners are keenly aware of the importance of trust with their clientele. These days, trust is often earned through favorable online ratings. With organizations like VRBO and Airbnb dependent on reviews for their credibility, earning those coveted 5-star ratings are fundamental in the success of individual properties listings.

Reviews are so crucial today that they often make or break a business. According to reviewtrackers, a website dedicated to statistical analysis of online reviews, 94% of consumers said a negative review has convinced them to avoid using a certain business. Moreover, 80% of consumers only trust businesses with a 4-star rating or higher.

So how does a business earn that essential optimum review and gain trust with customers? In almost every piece of literature on the subject, cleanliness is stated as the most important factor for consumers in their review of a vacation rental. Even Bob Villa, the trusted expert on home advice, states that Airbnb veterans cite cleanliness as “the No. 1 factor that make your property a place to return to.” Vacation rental cleaning is essential to the longevity of your business.

Guests of short-term vacation rentals expect the same high standards they receive at a full-service hotel, and they aren’t afraid to say it. If they find something unfavorable, especially something unclean, chances are those findings will end up reflected in their review.

Reviews aren’t the only thing to consider when understanding the importance of cleanliness. In Airbnb’s Host Reliability Standards, Hosts must meet certain expectations of cleanliness for approval in the community. This includes ensuring the property is free from mildew, mold, dust, and pet dander.

For most hosts, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing seems like enough. But time and time again, guests uncover dirt and grime in unexpected places. Dirty blinds are a prime example of a seemingly small detail that can yield big consequences.

This is because blinds are often overlooked by everyone. The biggest problem with this is that so much of the dangerous dander, dirt and microbials in the air collect over time on the blinds and become difficult to remove by dusting alone. And because blinds can be so challenging to clean properly, property owners often put this as a low priority on the cleaning checklist.

For the health, comfort, and ultimate satisfaction of your guests, cleaning your blinds should be an essential part of your cleaning protocol. Professional ultrasonic blind cleaning is the most effective and efficient way to get your blinds in optimum condition. And the added benefit of this is that ultrasonic cleaning also minimizes static electricity that is the culprit of grimy buildup to begin with.

This means if you get your blinds cleaned properly, you may only need to check this off the list once per year and receive the benefits all season long. Not to mention the bonus points you will receive from your guests for offering enhanced cleaning for their experience – something you can publicize and boast about.

Don’t risk a bad review by neglecting the details. Sometimes the seemingly smallest thing can make the biggest impact on your guest’s experience. Let Pulse make this the easiest way to optimize your guests’ experience. Contact us today for a quote!

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