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What is dust, really? what blind cleaning can do.

Updated: Jan 28

dust befor blind cleaning service

The Thermal Dust Exchange.

How do window blinds get so filthy?

As temperatures rise and fall throughout the day there is a silent exchange happening along the inside of your windows. The air between the windows and blinds, or shades, is constantly heated and cooled by sun/shade exposure and indoor heating systems. This causes the air to circulate and transfer settled dust to your blinds, causing them to carry more dust and allergens than any other common surface in your home.

What is "DUST" Well, dust is a word we use to describe the dry powdered film that we commonly see on surfaces. But what is dust, really?

It may surprise or disgust you to know that dust is comprised of more than just dirt.

Sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic are some of the pollutants hitching a ride on your window blinds.

Of course as the thermal dust exchange cycles each day, the dust with recirculate throughout your home, exposing your family to these contaminants again and again.

But how can this exchange be stopped? Well, if you are cleaning your blinds with a duster or cloth of some kind, you are actually creating a static charge on the surface of your blinds that will inevitably attract airborne particles. Cleaning blinds in these ways is for the most part futile. Not to mention a royal pain. Strings will never clean and dirt is just smeared around.

However, cleaning your blinds using ultrasonic bath technology actually reverses the polarity of the blind surface which in fact will repel airborne particles. This means the dust which was removed from your blinds during the ultrasonic cleaning process is gone forever and your blinds will repel new dust for quite some time allowing you to stop the thermal dust exchange.

Most people have wondered "How do I clean my blinds?" Ultrasonic blind cleaning is the fastest most efficient method to get the job done right.



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