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Increase seating Capacity and Revenue with the best exterior screen for restaurants.

Updated: Jan 28

The Okanagan is known for its patios. In the summer, tourists flock to outdoor dining establishments to soak in the sun while they savour wine and local cuisine. But warm weather isn’t always required to indulge alfresco. In fact, many establishments in the valley are moving to increase their seating capacity during winter months by outfitting their patio space for cold weather, significantly enhancing their bottom line during the off season.


For most, adding commercial grade screening has been the go-to option, and the leader of the pack for quality and performance is MagnaTrack. As a preferred vendor for brands including Hilton, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse and the Cheesecake Café, MagnaTrack has helped world class establishments maximize their commercial outdoor seating and boosted revenues significantly, particularly in highly competitive markets where attracting local business is key.


The reason it has earned such an impressive reputation is due to its design not only enhancing customer experience by providing year-round climate control (warm in the winter, cool in the summer), pest and rigorous weather protection (wind, rain, UV rays, sunlight glare, storms), but it also eliminates 98% percent of common service issues related to the competitors zipper track motorized screens. That means higher revenues and lower cost liabilities in the long run. Easy to control, hassle-free to clean, and simple to maintain, they can even withstand wind gusts of up to 120kph, giving patrons an unobstructed view in all weather while keeping them safe, sound and comfortable.


These past few years have been hard on the hospitality industry, and establishments need to optimize their assets to make the most of each and every season. With all-season screens, taking advantage of the view and the alfresco culture that makes the Okanagan the culinary destination it is has become a brand new game.

Magnatrack is hands down the best exterior screen for restaurants and public spaces. Call Pulse today for a free site visit and quote.

Magnatrack exterior screens kelowna
Magnatrack exterior screens

Magnatrack exterior screens kelowna
Magnatrack exterior screens



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